YellowZA || Yellow Trio Cup

Posted on: October 15, 2020 in News by AiroOG


The uprising YouTube Streaming sensation Yellow, is a South African Multi-Streamer that is growing at a rapid pace in the gaming community.

From time to time you can see her collab with Pro-Players Luca, Travis and Bojo streaming the popular game Fortnite, to her best abilities looks like Luca needs to pick up some weight in his skills or he sure will be left in dust. We spent some time asking her a few questions and here is what  you can expect :-



  1. Describe Yourself in 3 words?
    • Positive, easy-going, Forgetful (haha!)
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 Years
    • To be honest I’m not entirely sure, but hopefully working for myself as either an animator or streamer.
  3. If not streaming, what would you be doing?
    • I am currently working full time as an illustrator and animator so I would probably be doing that!
  4. What motivated the idea of joining the gaming community?
    • I would have joined back in 2018 but I unfortunately didn’t know about the ZA community! When I started playing Fortnite back in season 4, I assumed that there wasn’t really a local scene for it. I felt this way until about two months ago when I decided to look into it. I quickly found out how wrong I was! I love the game and I have been wanting to start streaming since I was 17, so combining those two things just seemed right!

There you have it folks! Just some insist and more information on Yellow! You can always head over to her YOUTUBE page and learn more about her in her live streams.

Yellow Trio Cup

This tournament will feature a weekend over 3 days and 4 qualifiers to battle your trio into finals and a chance at winning R7000.00. This event will be live broadcasted on YOUTUBE ft Yellow ZA & Airo OG, a combination and mellow & wildness to be expected for the afternoon on 18 October.

This event will see almost 600-1000 competitors on the website, so if you want to grab & secure your spot make sure to sign up to our PATREON and get signed up first before public does. You will also not to worry about clashing with FNCS as you can compete on Friday or Saturday! If you fail to qualify on Friday, you can re-enter the tournament at $9 fee on Saturday to attempt to qualify again.


Without wasting anymore time, get ready with your Trio, find your backup and grab the dub! See you this weekend