Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Registering a user by steps and video:

  1. Go to “Register” tab
  2. Fill in the information necessary – Username must be exact to your Epic Games Username.
  3. Once completed the information, click register.

Video Link: Watch Here

How do I enter a tournament?

Entering a tournament is easy.

  1. View the tournaments page and select a game MODE. EPS currently supports SOLO, DUO and SQUAD tournaments.
  2. Select a tournament and make sure you understand the rules by reading the details tab. When other participants are playing, you can view them on the Participants tab. The Leaderboard shows current standings per game.
  3. Buy a ticket; even FREE to enter games require buying a ticket and checking out. This ensures there is a log of your game and we know who is playing.
  4. Our Tournament Admin will approve your order and you’re good to go!
  5. Check your account page for the “Tournaments” tab.
  6. Lobby Codes for each game will display here and you will be able to add your scores for each game.
  7. Please take a screenshot (or photo with your phone) of your game standings after each game and submit this with your score.