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About Elite Pro Series

Elite Pro Series was founded on 12 June 2019. The idea was discussed within the community by some amazing people and all it took was a little faith and today we can confidently say we are a major influence in the growth towards a competitive scene in South Africa for Fortnite and are aiming to becoming a multi Tournament Organizer.

As a tournament organizer we have become community based, what does this mean? We really love the input each individual has to say and we adapt to suit each one of you.

12 Tournaments Hosted R 9050 Total Prize Pool Won

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We are looking for sponsors for the tournaments that we host for free. Our main aim is to reward players to join in a competitive scene every month. So we are reaching out to individuals that can provide any amount to contribute towards our tournaments. Together we can make it a possibility.

Become an official sponsor for any tournament.

Any amount that you can contribute will be highly appreciated! Use below Button to sponsor via Paypal. Don’t have Paypal? Contact Us so we can find an appropriate method for you. Become A Sponsor

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