Who is Synthesis? | Fortnite Synthesis Solo Cup

Posted on: September 22, 2020 in News by AiroOG


We are proud to announce our latest Player/Clan/Org tournament with Elite Pro Series and that is Synthesis Gaming, originally developed in June 2020a and potentially will become a known force according to owner, Deviant.

So i sat with Deviant and he had some very important information regarding Fortnite and Synthesis. Well i wish it was a podcast our team had difficulties in the process of recording. However the below written information about Synthesis Gaming is directly from Deviant, have a read, share and comment!

“We are a team full of persistence, talent and hard work, we promote a toxic free environment for all gamers and third parties to enjoy and interact with us and we are a team that’s not only driven to be the best gamers but to make the world a better place even if it means only making an impact in our community because we care about those around us. We are also looking to pick up pro players who place extremely well in tournaments and are active weekly in tournaments or events, Players should also bare in mind it doesn’t matter if you’re known or not known, we accept underrated talent as well as Synthesis is made up completely of underrated players who have grown to be great players and representatives of Synthesis so underrated players should feel encouraged to try join us because you never know, you might be the next best player in our community.

It’s been hard trying to find quality players to show up for the team who can join and perform well because most are always looking for Team perks or large and established teams which we aren’t as of yet, so providing perks for pro players to join us was one of our challenges so it was tough to get noticed through tournament placements because our players were unknown.

So concluding everything I’ll be discussing why sponsors should look at us as a team, Sponsors should definitely look at us or invest in us because we are great ambassadors who can promote any sponsor that’s involved with us in the best way possible, we have a good amount of reach on all our social media platforms of 22 thousand, we are great people who are great personals and are toxic free individuals that connect extremely well with the community and gaming world, we take pride in those involved with us so we’d showcase you on any and all of our social media platforms, we’d showcase you on our future team merchandise as well as we’d promote you as our sponsors anywhere and everywhere. “

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Tournament Details

That is correct, we will be hosting a Solo Tournament. We are very excited that we will be doing this and we have more featured cups to come. Thank you FortniteZA and to Synthesis for making this possible. See you on the bus.