Welcome To Elite Pro Series 2.0

Posted on: December 27, 2019 in News by AiroOG


Firstly before we go into any new details, let us look back at what we have done over the past few months.

In July 2019 we pioneered a platform where casual players and competitive players could be in the same room.  It went on to grow to more than 700 active members in 6 months.

We wanted to increase the level of competitive play of Fornite South Africa by hosting free tournaments with prize money. We are really happy with the result

What we covered

1) Tournament by Invitation

  • 100 Places were available in our monthly tournaments. Each event had a prize pool of R 500.00 and we hosted every second week of the month. Our admin scouted for the best unknown casual gamer’s and known competitive players and invited them to join. The response from the gaming community was even more positive than we could have imagined it would be! Within Minutes of tournament registration opening, they were full. It’s a shame some players missed out, but the first come first served rule meant players had to be quick off the mark to secure a place. The traction the events gave Elite Pro Series has meant we have secured a number of sponsorship’s to host more tournaments.

2) The Pony Showdown

  • Bigger and better than the monthly invitation tournaments, the Pony showdown Solo tournament was the first free to enter and a prize pool of R 2000. We saw 80 players registered and ready to battle it out for top 3 prize pool

3) The September Series

  • Our hugely successful September Series saw teams and solo players battle it out in weekly qualifying rounds. 300 players started but only 240 could compete in the finals for both trio and solo tournaments. We’re definitely betting on doing this again in future with even more prize sponsorship

After such a good 6 months, what more can you expect from us?

1) Practice Tournaments

  • Take yourself to the next level with our weekly practice tournaments. Hone your game sense and competitive play style. We will test you with the most popular Fortnite modes. They will be limited to 100 players per each tournament, we will look at hosting more if the numbers grow. This won’t see any prize money to be won.

2) Sponsored Tournaments

  • New means of hosting tournaments means we can offer more quality  free-to-enter events with prize money. Look out next year for the Elite Pro Series leagues. Rise through the competition. Get the recognition you deserve as a class player. Elite Pro Series offers incentives for the best.

We are preparing to offer a new game to host throughout next year. Check out our social pages for live updates and tell us what else you would like to see. We want to bring you what you want.

Elite Pro Series is a community. Every player plays his role. Our sponsors rate us and are backing our success. We want to send a Big Thank You to each and every one of you for the continued support and positive feedback.