Updated Rules

Posted on: July 12, 2021 in News by AiroOG


The rules for Elite Pro Series is just about to change, it may cause a revolution of its own but we think and positively agree that this will make the competitive environment so much better


Please read below the updated rules that will go onto all future tournaments!


Updated Rules

  1. FORFEITING (Not playing all games in the tournament)
    • Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting without a reasonable excuse will result in players getting a penalty score deduction in their next tournament.
    • If you are positioned 20th – 33rd from 4th – 5th game, you may not land on top 8
      • This will result in automatic disqualification and a penalty score deduction in their next tournament.
    • Proof needs to be submitted for verification.
    • If contested from game 1 by the same team, this rule does not apply
    • All tournaments including qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals will be hosted with Yunite.
    • If unsuccessful to make semi-finals/finals during qualifiers, you may not play more than two qualifiers in any given tournament.
    • If you manage to qualify to finals, it is compulsory that your team is broadcasting their point of view in discord. Join this discord https://discord.gg/mtZC4VxPBg
      • You may have up to 3 additional friends/coaches in your channel during the tournament.
      • You will need to be present in your channel at all times during the tournament.

You may have noticed a penalty score deduction in the updated rules! That is correct, the penalty score deducts your score for the next tournament that you part take in, so for example you have 30 points after 1 game, we will deduct x amount of scores at the end of the tournament.



  • Fake Result: 10 Points Deducted
  • Forfeiting Tournament: 15 Points Deducted
  • Griefing a Tournament: 15-30 Points Deducted

Once a team has had 50 points deducted from their scores, they will be 1 month banned, continued violation may result in a permanent ban.


We would love to hear feedback from you regarding the updated ruleset for trios/solos/duos/squads alongside our current rules. Let us know in the comment section below