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Posted on: May 28, 2021 in News by AiroOG


The Punishers Organization

The Punishers is a multi-gaming organization in South Africa, housing Fortnite, and Valorant, as well as a content creation roster. They have been in the community well over a full year and have hosted a birthday cup with us to celebrate their 1st anniversary. They are a strong pillar in the uprising of eSports in South Africa, as they continue to contribute to Tournaments locally and bring upcoming stars with their academy roster that they introduced in the beginning stages of The Punishers. Now that you have a brief history with The Punishers, read for more info on the best of the best Tournament.


Best Of The Best Tournament

Well, we in the stage of yet another tournament, and this time around the best of the best will showcase their talents. Have you looked at your inbox recently? Because you might just be the next invited trio to the Best Of The Best Tournament.

The Punishers and Partners will be hosting another exceptional Fortnite tournament in South Africa on Elite Pro Series. They have seen the action over the past months and went through each leaderboard to select the best players and teams to participate in this Trio Event. We would love to call this the best thing to a local FNCS event that South Africa can experience.

Do not worry, if you have not been invited, it’s plain simple. Here is a breakdown of the event taking place

Winners of each game will progress automatically into the best of the best official tournament which will be taking place on the 12th of June. More information on this can be found in the 4 parts of the Punisher Announcement Video Over here

Part 1(Announcing Tournament)

Part 2( Announcing Quickfire)

Part 3( Where the cast will be happening )

Part 4( Prize Pool)


BEST OF THE BEST TOURNEY – PT 4 GO TO: PT 1 – Twitter @Punishers_Team PT 2: Instagram – punishers_organisation PT 3 FB ThePunishersOrganisation

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The only question I have for all of you Fortnite Ethuasists is, Are you Ready!!