Fortnite African Servers | AWS Cape Town

Posted on: May 2, 2020 in News by AiroOG


Having a thoughtful day on Fortnite African Servers? We are too. So we took the time to compile some research and information into one article telling you the possibility of these servers arriving.

Launch of AWS Cape Town

With the promise from Amazon Web Services in 2018, they mentioned AWS Cape Town would go live mid-year 2020. At least to one promise the servers did go live on 22 April 2020 and through that was an amazing united community through twitter getting the Attention of Epic Games or Fortnite Game through #FortniteAfricanServers.

But what has happened since the launch? Absolutely nothing… We have not heard from Epic Games or Fortnite at all through their social platforms or emails. However!?! Should they have replied yet through our outcry? I believe not. The reason being the roadmap of AWS Cape Town is still incomplete, with EKS not available yet and you can see this here(AWS GITHUB)Until the EKS does go live, we can have high hopes that Fortnite Game or Epic Games will make a response, let us keep it trendy and make sure to not lose hope just yet.


Game Files Containing Fortnite African Servers

Another important factor why we believe Fortnite African Servers are coming, it is just a matter of time. It is because many found our servers in the game files of Fortnite. You can find this in a video done by Acie Here. Some South African players have been in the game files already and are saying they will be on 0 ping connecting to Servers. Is that not fantastic?

It is great to think that servers are coming and we all just got to be patient for them! What do you guys think about the servers coming and if you have available information that is legit do not hesitate to comment down below? Will you compete in our tournament’s more when servers come?