Features To Be Expected

Posted on: February 2, 2020 in News by AiroOG


At New Year we announced our new platform “EPS 2.0”. The community reaction was beyond amazing and we couldn’t be more happy. We are planning several new features and we hope you will love them.

We don’t want to spoil any surprises, but here are a few tasters of what we have planned this year.

Live Player

This feature allows players in your tournament to see that you are life. It will be visible to all players that are on the tournament tab you streaming. No more will you need to submit a YouTube channel and hope someone watches you! You will be able to see when your competition comes online. Players who end up dying off spawn, mid-game, can see who is live and watch them play out the tournament.

It’s easy when the GAME 1 code is out you will be asked to submit your stream link.

Check in Feature

With Fortnite having a 100 player lobby, registration can be very frustrating when 300+ players are trying to register all at once. Some players are not able to play but we find that some players actually forget there is a tournament so when game 1 starts! This means in some tournaments we don’t have 100 players launching out of the battle bus.

Our new feature will require all registered players to check in roughly 30 minutes before the tournament starts. If you don’t check in, your place can be offered to a new player. You snooze you lose.

Fully filled tournaments will mean better competition for more players.

Open & Ranked Tournaments

For this much-anticipated project we have been working round the clock to bring it in as soon as possible.

Why? You ask….because the needs of regular competitors and more casual players are different. We want to grow all parts of our community, offering something for the newest players while also attracting and challenging more experienced members.

Open Tournaments

All players are able to register for the first Season of Open Tournaments.  New and casual players will be able to gain experience playing opponents with a range of skill levels in the open tournament and, as their skills improve, transition to become regular competitors.  The top placed players will qualify for a ranking and be able to play in the Ranked Tournaments. We hope this will encourage more participating eSport Players and that our community will continue to grow.

For the first amount of open qualifiers for each mode it will work on a top 15 qualify  to become ranked. We will then adapt a elo system to grant points to open tournaments making it much harder to compete against ranked.

Ranked Tournaments

The Ranked Tournaments welcome the best of the best of qualifying players from the Open Tournaments. We are confident this will result in a very competitive scrim. We will be focusing on the more competitive modes in Fortnite. We hope that this gives advanced players what they want. Expect the challenges to keep coming.

Tell us what you think

Do you like the look of the new features?

What are you most excited about?

What features are you more interested to see developed on the site? We may just consider!

Please do comment in the comments section.