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Round 1 Qualifying

We kicked off the new season with an EPS Fortnite Duo Cup hosting our first round of the tournament. We had an astonishing number of 100 players registered in under 20 minutes to compete in 5 competitive games. Firstly we would like to thank each and everyone one of you interested in our Tournament.

It was a close call midway tournament between Team Eclipse and Team Cracked Kids; then we saw a sweep of points coming in from Team Poke. Final Standings are below:

Hear from Team Eclipse on some advice and how it was competing in the tournament.

  • What were your thoughts going into this?
    1. Syco: Our thoughts were very confident as we just clutched up in the ATK tourney by Wining two games in a row. Also we knew we had to get a good first game . We also knew there were going to be 100 players and that we enjoy more stacked games
    2. Voltzz: Syco and I were pretty confident after winning the last 2 games of the ATK tournament, so we knew we had to keep it up and we could win the EPS qualifying. We both preferred stacked tourneys over non-stacked (ATK) so we knew we could do well.
  • In Game 3 we saw a bad game, how did you get back from this?
    1. Syco: We got back by making sure our mid game rotation was not where majority of the server will be or where alot of the players are rotating. So we took the less congested side and just got a better position and looked for mid game picks and try get full placement
    2. Voltzz: We got super unlucky and I got knocked instantly from 170hp by people using a AUG and purple pistol and shooting at the same time. So we could not do much about it but we learnt from it the best we could.
  • Any advice to upcoming competitive players?
    1. Syco: Upcoming competitive players must grind as much as they can in order to get the game sense in terms of what to do in many situations. If one does bad in 1 tourney don’t give up. Go back and look where and what u did wrong and try fix that. Also make sure you have set plans and backups In case it’s not working out. Try not to be nervous
    2. Voltzz: Sitting in creative and box fighting all day is not necessarily going to get you where you want to be. VOD reviewing and learning from your mistakes in EVERY single game you play and don’t blame anything on bad luck. Having good mechanics is just a base, but choosing how you actually play in scrims is what matters.

Round 1 was just the beginning. Get ready to compete in our next round on the 10 January 2020. For more details on the tournament click here

Note: A player must register with the website in order to play each tournament. Register here