Posted on: January 23, 2020 in News by AiroOG


Fortnite South Africa continues to dominate even with battled issues with the internet cable being down. We could not be more satisfied with a group that is so determined!

A tough call for your top 12 in Qualifying 3 Going to the finals.

Victors Interview

Just like all qualifying rounds. We took the time to speak to the players that have won the qualifying round. Here is what Letzler & Sicaros had to say.

  • How has the community reacted through this win?
    • Many have congratulated and a couple have tried to put the win down.
  • We can see the consistency with 4-win Streak in this Qualifying round, what are the thought processing that one must think about in order to achieve such performance?
    • You have to play a ‘textbook’ play style get ahead of zone and take height, if you’re a solo it’s still similar look for opportunities to pressure the team on height, most important thing in duos is communication.
  • Having paid on our point system developed for Team Mode Competitive Tournaments, how are you liking it? Any Suggestions?
    • We enjoy the point system a lot.

We are still having major issues with the internet cable; however, we will attack Qualifying 4 on 24 January 2020. Top 12 Teams qualified in Q4 will make our total 50 teams qualified for Finals. Have a blast and Good Luck to all teams.