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Round 2 Report

Round 2 proved to be exciting and memorable. The standard of competition was excellent, but not only did players have to play each other, but did battle with the Double Storm Surge Power outage that turned out to challenge everyone in game 1!  Everyone enjoyed a great evening in the end. One to be remembered.

The highlight of the Tournament is of course the new and upcoming duo JellyZz & Nottking getting back to back wins!


We can now announce Ladies and Gentlemen, the lead 13 players that now go through to our Finals. They are

Victors interview

So we sat down with the winners JellyZz & Nottking to conduct the, now traditional, victors interview.

JellyZz & Nottking have been playing as a team for just a week.   They are arent new to Elite Pro Series Friday they impressed us with their competitive gaming style.

  • At what moment did you realize that you had secured the tournament?
    • After we won 2 games in a row , we felt confident that we had a chance to win cause we had a big lead. Just before the last game all we aimed for was making end game with a few kill and at that point we knew we would win.
  • How far are we going to see you go?
    • Well at the moment me and Nottkingg are trying out right now and so its going well.
  • Thinking about how you won this tournament, Have you got any advice for casual players?
    • Play ZA and Eu Customs for game sens and grind creative for mechanics aswell as always play for endgame.
  • What goes through your mind when you play?
    • Rotations ,positioning , Kills , hugging your duo. All of these play in our mind!
  • You are so consistent in your play. How do you achieve that?
    • we are always consistently playing together and our chemistry is extremely good and we know each others game sens and mechanics.

Round 3 – New Points System

Round 3 will be 17 January 2020

From Friday we are introducing a new points system. As we battle the stagnant growth of Fortnite Competition is South Africa we are rotating the point allocated to each player and hearing from the community which is much better!

Victory Royale: 15 Points

2nd – 3rd: 13 Points

4th – 6th:11 Points

7th – 10th: 9 Points

11th – 15th: 7 Points

16th – 21st: 5 Points

22nd – 28th: 3 Points

Elimination: 1 Point.

Tell us what you think. Do you prefer this?

We will have more exciting news for you soon.