Elite Pro Series 2.1

Posted on: July 15, 2020 in News by AiroOG


We have evolved for the better of South African Fortnite eSports! Allowing for more traffic and accommodating many of you at the same time for a tournament.

Many of the players would come to know that our website, had faced major issues with long loading times and failure to actually register, see code. All this because our site could not manage the number of players flocking to our site when it was time to register or see code. It would totally crash and have loading times of 5+ Minutes on a refresh to bring it back Up.


With a simple click you can find yourself being registered on the leader-board. This now resulting in our registration time going in seconds to a minute! So if you are a Fortnite South African player and looking to play on our Tournaments, be sure to be fast!


Deregister comes in after we have noticed a number of requests from many players throughout many tournaments to deregister from a single tournament. We have now added a button in which will automatically remove and make space available for that tournament with a single click. Please note that after a certain number of tournaments that you deregister from, will mean you will get a temporarily ban from Elite Pro Series. We are constantly looking for the best of the best to compete and if your commitments are not to play all 5 games of a tournament, we will hand that ban to you.


At the time you are reading this and probably wondering, wait what? Yes that is correct, customs are coming to Elite Pro Series and will be all through the website, a schedule for you to play with other South Africans from 17:00 – 21:00 and varies between Solos, and trios throughout the week. We are expecting to roll out this super amazing feature between 15/07/2020 – 19/07/2020.

As we build the platform for gamers, expect a number of design changes and new features to come to Elite Pro Series. We would love to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and engagement with Elite Pro Series, we will continue to bring you guys the best of the best for Fortnite South Africa. Thank you as well to our sponsors who have been involved with and made the tournaments possible!